This document provides you the complete information on how to get started with this library. We provide you the step-by-step installation process and shows various examples on how to use them. Our API gives you the complete access to all our applications. To make it easier we provide client library which makes you to write little amount of code and makes your code more robust. It is developer-friendly and easily accessible.

Quick Start

There are a few setup steps you need to complete before you can use this library :
  1. Sign In as developer.
  2. Get a unique API key.
  3. Download our API library file from your dashboard and add it in your project

That's it! Now you're ready to go. Try with one of our samples below and let us know your feedback.

Warning : Keep your API key private. If someone obtains your key, they could use it to consume your credits.
API Key :
  • All applications are authenticated using obtained API Key from pdfhandy.
  • We do not access any private user data.
  • Include API Key in each application used for file conversion.
  • Each file conversion consumes 1 credit.

For more information on how to get started see our guide.

For basic implementation in your language follow our API libraries.

For more samples see our samples directory.

For pricing see our pricing plans.

If you have any queries regarding integration of our API or any other feature to be implemented, please do contact us