Frequently Asked Questions 

Dear User, our online application has 3 options to add a file.

Option 1. Click on "Folder" icon to add file from your local system.
Option 2. Click on "Dropbox" icon to select file from your dropbox account.
Option 3. Drag and Drop the file from your local system on to the drop area.

Dear User, there might be 3 reasons it could happen.

1. Please check the online application you have selected to convert the file.
2. If you're in the right application please check the extension of the file you have selected.
3. After selecting the file with the correct extension please check the size of the file, it should not exceed more than 20 MB.

If still you're unable to add the file after following the above steps, please contact our support team for further help.

Yes. At present there is a file size limit of 20 MB.

Absolutely NO. You need not install anything on your system except your free favorite browser to browse the application and we highly recommend our users to use Google Chrome.

Absolutely Yes. The files uploaded are 100% safe and after conversion they are not stored in our database. They will be securely deleted from our server at particular intervals of time.

Absolutely NO. This is a free online tool which can be used by anyone without paying a single penny.

Dear User, If you found any application is not working try to clear your browser cache and try to reload the application and check if it is working. If still the application dosen't work or want to make some improvements on our site, please do inform to our support team by mailing us to (or) you can use our Contact Form to reach us.

Dear User, At present we do not offer desktop version. However, if you have any specific requirement please do let us know so that we will be implementing based on your requirement.

If your question is not listed above and need further help please do contact us by sending an email to or simply you can use our Contact Form.